How it Works

  • Get The Deal

    Its really simple! Rest sure all the deals available with CouponMED are absolutely exclusive, We've made it extremely easy to buy a deal, You need to Choose the deal you like, choose the quantity and proceed to payment with you Visa/MasterCard.

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    Print or Use the Card

    Once the payment has gone through, your profile with CouponMED will be updated with the purchase, you will find a Certificate (QRCode) under my Purchases, this option is available in the website and the smart phone application. Since we at CouponMED are adopting the green enviorment philosophy, you do not need to print the certificate (QRCode) all you need to do is visit the Merchant you bought the coupon from and show them the Certificate (QRCode), they will scan it with thier Merchant Application and you will be able to redeem your deal instantly.

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    Share with Friends

    We've goto exciting news for you, we have a referral program, if you refer a friend and your friends makes a purchase, you will get points, so its simply the more you refer the more you get for free. If you only want to share a deal, you can also do that to unlimited people , so SPREAD THE WORD!

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    Stay Connected

    Stay connected and share your deals on your social media account, if you think you got alot of people to CouponMED, then maybe you should contact us and we can arrange a "Sales Representative" program where you can gain money from home!