About Us

CouponMED was founded by "NOBLE PROFESSIONAL NETWORK" January 1, 2017.  CouponMED is located at 5304 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410. The e-mail to reach CouponMED is info@couponmed.com if there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call (219)-427-0700.

Why choose CouponMED, CoupondMED is an exclusive resource that focuses on primarily the Healthcare Industry. CouponMED allows advertisements of your business’ as well as any special deals or offers you want to display on the website.  The most beneficial guaranteed benefit is the “Merchant” makes the most per deal in terms of “Remittance” compared to any other competitors guaranteed.

CouponMED strives to be the best for the “Merchants”.   With CouponMED , our Marketing Team, and decades of Healthcare experience we ensure YOU an increase in consumers visiting your site, place of business, and therefore your experience as well as business’ return will be greater than expected.

Furthermore, you as a “Merchant” will see your deals and can see the online visibility than that of other competitors at a fraction of the cost. Your offer will be online, but will also be included in a catalog that will be available in offices of many Healthcare facilities.   

CouponMED is a Healthcare industry where a "Merchant" can use coupons to save with anything related to Healthcare.  The "Merchant" is also known as the customer. By being a Merchant to CouponMED there is a great benefit due to the amount of money the Merchant will save on Medical supplies, equipment, medications, and anything related to Healthcare.  Another benefit of being a part of CouponMED is there is an option to advertise for Healthcare providers.  In our connections department of CouponMED we offer a list of Connections in which will help the Merchant to find exactly what is being looked for. Start by searching Symptoms followed by Physicians which will then send you to Medications in which were prescribed, lastly it will inform of which Pharmacies are best to be used with the coupon, from CouponMED.